Man is not sustained on bread only for he is a multi-dimensional being. There is the incorporeal part of man that is sustained by the produce of God not bread.  Deuteronomy 8:3 KJV+

The word produce means issue, export, source or spring which include His inspirations, His proceedings, His goings-forth. God extends Himself into the spirit of man and injects Himself into him thus reviving him (man). For in God we live, move and have our being. See Acts 17:28 NIV
If what gave man life in the first place came out from His breath then we need to depend on that which came out of Him to sustain our life. He is the source of life. See Heb 1:3.  NLT

If a soul ceases to receive these going in and out of the Lord in itself, death is imminent. He will dry up and wither! We are nourished by the root and fatness of the olive tree which is Christ. Romans 11:17
In Him we revive and refresh ourselves, we are stirred up and our inner man is inspired by Him. He is our “Muse”. As our spirit and soul intercourse with Him, He impregnates us with “Zoe” – life, vision, and purpose. He quickens us! 
We are sustained by His rays of light – the quantum packets of life-giving energy that emanates from Him through His word and His presence. Position yourself to be before the word, to wait in the way(path) of His judgment; as you behold as in a mirror the glory of the Lord you are transformed into the image. Isaiah 26:8

2 Corinthians 3: 18-19
Transform (metamorphoo) – to change the nature, function or condition of, to alter or be altered radically in form, appearance, character, habits, and nature. It also means to undergo a change; become different in essence; losing one’s original nature, undergo a change or development.
The spirit man has a life-cycle and only rays from God can catalyze the process. Just as plants need rays from the sun so does a man need rays from God’s word to enhance his nature (Heb. 1:3). A striking change in character, or circumstances. The act of modification or DNA reconstruction – spiritual DNA! Many have not completed their spiritual life-cycle.
The glory of the Lord refers to beholding His dignity and nature in His word. Fresh encounters and communion with God consistently are what birth transformation.
Our human spirit and soul feeds on the rays which emanate from His word.  Hebrews 4:12-13.

Quantum Mechanics – The dual particle nature of light

QM is a scientific view in which light shifts its characteristics between waves and particles. Light can be both seen and felt/touched (Peter: we have handled the word). So it has luminosity, carries energy, and has weight (glory), and capable of knocking out obstacles in its way. 
Does the Word Of God have a tangible effect on us apart from the knowledge that it brings? 

How was Moses’ lite? The particle that makes up his flesh were charged up and lite through vibrations in their frequencies and so they gained Quantum energy as a result of the rays of the word of God. 
Light doesn’t just show us the world, it changes it, it transforms it. Light is a powerful chemical, physiological and biochemical agent which can have the most powerful effect on anything with which it interacts. It can effect powerful chemical processes even DNA mutations and re-engineering.

So your bible is a Rhapsody of Realities. 
Prayer: Light up my Bible oh God that I like David might behold wondrous things in your law. 
One the nicest Christian cliches say what will Jesus Do. So when we are confronted by situations we must think first in our minds what Christ would do in such cases and then respond accordingly. Now that kinda bothers me a bit, so that means God’s word is a knowledge that has to be assimilated intellectually and processed thus. But if the word is a causal energy that transformed the human nature then our responses should be spontaneous like Jesus said, When you stand before your accusers don’t think about what to say for your reaction will be a product of the Holy Spirit through your renewed and divine nature. Paul talks anger not able to produce the righteousness of God but the Spirit. So that means righteousness is not just a decision we make but a nature that is produced from within us by the indwelling Holy Spirit.

Back to 2 Corinthians 3:18-19
We are changed into his very image by a continued succession of glory, as it were, streaming upon us from the Lord. The idea is, that by placing ourselves within the light of the gospel–by contemplating the glory that shines there–we become changed into the likeness of the same glory, and conformed to that which shines there with so much splendour. By contemplating the resplendent face of the blessed Redeemer, we are changed into something of the same image. 

It is a law of our nature that we are moulded, in our moral feelings, by the persons with whom we associate, and by the objects which we contemplate. 
From glory to glory. From one degree of glory to another. “The more we behold this brilliant and glorious light, the more the word reflect back its rays; that is, the more we contemplate the great truths of the gospel, the more our minds become imbued with its spirit.”–Bloomfield. 
This is said in contradistinction probably to Moses. The splendour on his face gradually died away. But not so with the light reflected from the gospel. It becomes deeper and brighter constantly. 

Psalm 84
“They go from strength to strength,” Ps 84:7; that is, they go from one degree of strength to another, or one degree of holiness to another, until they come to the full vision of God himself in heaven. The idea in the phrase before us is, that there is a continual increase of moral purity and holiness under the gospel, until it results in the perfect glory of heaven. The doctrine is, that Christians advance in piety; and that this is done by the contemplation of the glory of God as it is revealed in the gospel.

The Christian cannot sin according to 1 John 3:9; so that means we haven’t reached the fullness of the stature of Christ. So we have presented the gospel as a message of weakness and grace only as an antidote for sin rather than as an empowerment to live right. The true gospel is, that Christians advance in piety; and that this is done by the contemplation of the glory of God as it is revealed in the gospel.

As by the Spirit: 
It is done by the Holy Spirit procured or imparted by the Lord Jesus. This sentiment is in accordance with that which prevails everywhere in the Bible, that it is by the Holy Spirit alone that the heart is changed and purified. And the object of the statement here is, doubtless, to prevent the supposition that the change from “glory to glory” was produced in any sense by the mere contemplation of truth, or by any physical operation of such contemplation on the mind. It was by the Spirit of God alone that the heart was changed even under the gospel, and amidst the full blaze of its truth. Were it not for his agency, even the contemplation of the glorious truths of the gospel would be in vain, and would produce no saving effect on the human heart.
What image is before you? The glory of the Lord or the glory of a man or your own ambition. We are being transformed into the same image we are beholding. What you keep before you forms your life – character and essence. 

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